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Calendar of Joyce's reading 1888-1905

[wayback] Jorn Barger c1995 Someone asked recently [1997] if there was a calendar of Joyce's reading available. I did this a couple of years ago, and it only uses some half-dozen sources, but I'm not sure how much more is relevant. (Bradley, Costello, Stannie, Critical Writings, Curran, Ellmann, letters, Portrait) It's only intended as a personal index to the original sources at this point.
Some evidences are stronger than others, but one conclusion that seems well-supported is that when Joyce declared Ibsen the pinnacle of Western Civ, he'd hardly read anything else. Notice especially his enjoyment of Erckmann-Chatrian in 1898, which is unthinkable if he were reading widely, and the very limited allusions in his essays of 1898-1899. (An interesting challenge will be to deduce how Joyce discovered Ibsen despite this.)

spelling, sums, geography, writing, Latin, and history. catechism? (bb44)

Moore's Melodies (pc94) [poems]

Mangnall's Historical and Misc. Questions [ebook]
Parley's Tales of Ancient and Modern Greece (and Rome) [ebook] (pc85)

Life of Ignatius Loyola? (name scratched in library book, bb82) [multivolume?]

Grimm and Andersen [etext] (sj44- Uncle William)

book w/Raynold-- Dumas: Count of Monte Cristo [etext] (pc105, PoA)
something about Napoleon? (PoA)

Byron [etext]
Newman (PoA) [etexts]
Lamb's Adventures of Ulysses [etext]

Lyster's poets (Byron- not Tennyson- Milton, Gray, Cowper, Goldsmith, Wordsworth, Scott, Southey, Campbell, Moore, Wolfe, Longfellow, Browning, Kingsley, Ferguson bb164), Ferguson's 'Mesegdra' [ebook] [cpc5-6]

Latin, French, Italian, arithmetic, algebra, Euclid (bb106)

Ovid [etexts]

Caesar [etexts]

Pressense [ebooks?]

Florian [French]

De Amici (bb112) [wiki?] [ebooks]

not Marryat? (PoA)


Malory? (Dempsey in 1909, bb105) [etext]

Lamartine [ebooks]

de Maistre [?French] [?site]

Florian [ebooks?]

Aeneid [etexts] [etexts]

de Bello Gallico

Defoe's Robinson Crusoe [etext]

Scott's "Lord of the Isles"

Metastasio (bb115) [ebooks]

Lockhart's Life of Napoleon? (pc131) [ebook]


not Scott or Dickens [etexts] (sj79)

Shelley? (sj99) [poems]

WS's Henry VIII (cw16)

Memoirs of Vidocq? (pc134) [ebook]

[Capel street possibles: Rabelais, Balzac, Zola, no Flaubert (pc139)] ???: Kipling, HG Wells, Conan Doyle; A Royal Divorce at Gaiety (? pc141)


Milton? (Dempsey in 1909, bb105)

Ovid's Metamorphosis [etext]

Alvarez's grammar of Latin verse [cpc26 says 1900?] [ebook??]

Cicero [etexts]

de Witt [ebooks?]

Coppee [ebooks]


Gray [etext]

Goldsmith [etext] (bb129)

Meredith- Ordeal of Richard Feverel [etext] Tragic Comedians (jj2-53)

Hardy "A Tragedy of Two Ambitions" Tess [etext], Jude [etext] (sj74)

Kempis Imitation [etext] (pc142)

St Alphonsus Liguori, recommended by Sodality Manual (PoA) [ebooks]

Ingomar, by Halm [ebook] (PoA97)

Bulwer Lytton's Lady of Lyons (PoA97) [ebook]

English bio of Rousseau? (SH40) [ebooks]


Livy [etexts]

Horace [etexts]

Erckmann-Chatrian (L'Invasion, L'Ami Fritz, Le Juif Polonais sj57), [Hathi]

Corneille [olb]

Julius Caesar (English??)

Macauley (bb139) [etext] [etext]

Hall Caine (cw22) [etext]

Machiavelli's History of Florence (pc145) [etext]

Ruskin's Mornings in Florence (pc152) [ebook]

Bulwer-Lytton's Lady of Lyons (PoA) [etext]

Yeats? (inspired "Moods"?)

likely: Yeats-Russell-Eglinton "Literary Ideals in Ireland" [more]

???20 March 1898-- Ibsen's 70th birthday (no London productions since 1897's Duck and Doll's (mm796)

Shaw's "Quintessence of Ibsenism"??? [ebook]

Ibsen "Master Builder" (sj84) [ebook]

11 Feb 1899 Ibsen night at L&H


(cf 100 popular) imitating Carlyle [etext] Newman, Macauley, De Quincey [etext], Ruskin, etc (sj91)

Countess Kathleen [ebook]

When We Dead Awaken (sj95), Doll's House [etext], League of Youth (sj115), Hedda Gabler (sj130), Wild Duck [etext] (cw42), Ghosts (cw45) [etext] Pillars of Society (cw46) [etext] Enemy of the People (cw63) [etext] John Gabriel Borkman (cw66) [ebooks]

Shaw's "Quintessence of Ibsenism" (cw48)

Matthew Arnold (negatively cw26) [etext] [etext]

Wilkie Collins "Heart and Science" (cw28) [ebook]

Calderon (negatively cw40) [etext] [ebooks]

Haddon Chambers [ebooks]

Douglas Jerrold [ebooks]

Sudermann [lieder] [ebooks]

Lessing (also SH33) [etext] [etext]

Wagner (cw40)


Dante (cw42)

Rostand's Cyrano [etext]


Zola's L'Assommoir (Coupeau) (cw43) [olb]

Beerbohm Tree (cw44), [ebook] [olb]

Tasso (cw45, cpc120) [olb]

Turgenieff (cw64) [olb]

Sudermann's Magda (pc, sj87 wrong year) [ebook]

Aristotle: Poetics (cpc3) [etexts]

Pater [olb]

Yeats [olb]

Blake [olb]

Symbolists (cpc9)

Phillips' Paolo and Francesca 1900 (cpc4, jj2 58 [info] [ebook]

but cf: late Dec22: VI.B.10.86 "SD said he had read Motley's Rise of Dutch Republic (had read title)")

Maeterlinck: Allodine and Palomides, Melisande and Pelleas [French] (pc160) [olb]

D'Annunzio: Virgins of the Rocks (cpc108) [e-Ital] [olb]

Symons: Symbolist Movement in Literature (pub 1899) [ebook]

Yeats: Wind among the Reeds (jj2 83) [etext]

Pinero (dropped from Fortnightly, later: cw89) [etext]

Brandes? (cpc116) [Danish] [olb]

Machiavelli [etexts]

Maffei [olb?]

Monti (cpc120)


National Library until closing at 10pm--

Tolstoy's short stories [etext]

Turgenev, A Sportsman's Notebook (sj98) [e?]
Turgenieff (cw64-- bluff???)

Ibsen: Wild Duck, Little Eyolf

D'Annunzio: La Gioconda (pc160), La Citta Morta [etext] (jj2 77)

Hardy [etexts]

Meredith [olb]

Hauptmann's The Coming of Peace (pc164) [olb] [ebook]

D'Annunzio's The Child of Pleasure (pc167), La Gloria, Sogno da Tramonto (pc168)

imports: D'Annunzio


Maeterlinck [etext] [etext] [etext] [etext]

Sudermann's Frau Sorge, Es War, Geschwister

George Moore: Evelyn Innes, Sister Theresa, Celibates (sj98) [olb]

?gift from Vire: Cyrano (sj114)

dislike of Shakespeare [etexts] (sj100), of Milton [etexts] (jj2 59)

Bruno (sj121)

Blake (sj99)

Cavalcanti? (jj2 59, PoA176) [olb]

Aquinas? (jj2 60)

GM Mancini "Elementa Philosophiae ad mentem D. Thomae Aquinatis" (PoA176) [ebook]

Manzoni [etext]


Castiglione (cpc120)

Aristotle's Poetics, Psychology (PoA176)

Epictetus? (PoA187) [etexts] [etexts]

plays: Martyn's Heather Field [ebook]

Moore and Martyn's Bending of the Bough (cw68) [ebook]

Diarmuid and Grainne

12 guineas from Fortnightly Review spent on books?


Theosophists: Blavatsky

Olcott (Theosophical Studies-- pc172, Buddhist Catechism jj2 76)



de Molinos

St John of the Cross [etext] (PoA04)

St Theresa [etext]

St Catherine [etext]

Thomas a Kempis

Paracelsus (sj131)

Tolstoy's Fruits of Enlightenment (pc172) [ebook]

Huysmans' La Bas [ebook]

Bygmester Solness (pc160) Nar Vi Dode Vagnar (pc172)

Horton's Book of Images (pc171) [ebook]

Frith "Life of G Bruno, the Nolan" (cw69) [ebook]



Echegaray (cw70) [olb]

Bjornson's Beyond Our Power (jj2 75) [ebook]

George Moore: Esther Waters, Celibates, Vain Fortune (cw71, pc172, sj98 wrong year)

D'Annunzio's Il Fuoco (cw71 highest achievement) "Epiphany of Fire" subheading

Yeats' Wind among the Reeds [etext], Adoration of the Magi [ebook]

Moore's Esther Waters

Flaubert's Madame Bovary [etext]


Pater (cw71) [etext] [etext]


Henry VIII

Mangan (sj162)

antipathy for Browning (sj166) [etext]

Hauptmann "Vor Sonnenaufgang, Michael Kramer (cw72)

Hauptmann Hanneles Himmelfahrt (jj2 76)

Nietzsche? Michael Kramer (sj160)

Dante's Purgatorio

Tasso's Gerusalemme Liberata [again] (Italian) (pc174) [etext]


Leopardi (cpc120) [Italian]

Fornaciari "Disegno Storico della Letteratura Italiana" (cpc121) -> Bruno, Vico

WM Adams The House of Hidden Places (Egyptology)


Yeats' John Sherman (pc176) [ebook]

Whitman (quoted- Shine and Dark) [etext]

Coleridge [etexts]

Matthew Arnold [etext] [etext]

Bradley on WS

WP Ker


Dowden [etext] (cpc25)

Corneille [etext]

Moliere [etexts]


Fenelon [etext]

Voltaire [etexts]



Brunetiere (cpc26)


Sidney [etext]

Spenser [poems]


Milton (cpc26)



Castiglione's Courtier [etext]


Alfieri's Oreste (cpc26)

Aquinas via Boedder or Rickaby [etext] or De Wulf? (cpc36)


Dante (jj2 75) [etexts]

Flaubert's Tentation (jj2 75)

Verlaine Les Poetes Maudits

Fogazzaro's Piccolo (pc160)

Baudelaire (cw75)

Novalis (cw76) [etext]

Wagner's Parsifal (cw76)

Poe [poems]

Swedenborg (PoA04) [etext] [etext]


Dowland (cw80)

Thomas Davis [etext]

D'Arcy MacGee

Denis Florence M'Carthy [etext] [etext]

Samuiel Ferguson [etext]

T.D. Sullivan

T.W. Rolleston (cw85) [poem]

D'Annunzio (sj166)

W.H. Mallock "Is Life Worth Living?" hated style (sj167)

prophecies of Joachim Abbas (pc180, PoA04)

Cornelius Agrippa? (PoA) [etext]

scorns Balzac (jj2 101) [etexts]

John Mitchel's Mangan

Yeats on Ferguson

Lionel Johnson on Mangan (cpc14-15)

Jacopone da Todi (cpc28)

anti: Cowper [etext], Addison [etext] (Sheehy, ?, jjir10)


Riders to the Sea (pc206) [etext]

Dujardin's Lauriers (pc207)

Ben Jonson [poems]

Aristotle (jj2 120) [etexts]

Butler's Way of All Flesh [etext] (pc211)

FJ Myers Human Personality and its Survival... (pc212)

Father Browne's lectures on Homer (pc217)

Moore's The Untilled Field (pc222)

Benjamin Tucker [etext]

Nietzsche [etexts] (jj2 142)

possibly: Most, Malatesta, Stirner [e?], Bakunin, Kropotkin [etext], Elisee Reclus, Spencer (jj2 142)

Rimbaud (cpc29)

Ibsen's Peer Gynt [etext], Brand

Flaubert's St Julien, Bouvard et Pecuchet, Dictionary (cpc29)



de Nerval


Mallarme (cpc30)

anti: Huysmans (cpc29) [etext]


Moore's The Lake (pc221), Untilled Field (sl44 11-19 to SJ)

Michael Sendivogius? (jj2 146, PoA04)

Lassalle, Aristotle (sl44 11-19 to SJ)

Henry James: only "Madonna of the Future" [etext] (sl45), Portrait of a Lady [etext] (cpc52)

Renan: Souvenirs (sl45)

Dowden's Life of Shelley? (cpc40)

Turgenev's Diary of a Superfluous Man (dd62) [etext]


sl55: Renan's Life of Jesus [etext]

Correlli Sorrows of Satan, not Siren Voices

sl58: Henry James ("consecutively" [etexts]) "Confidence" [etext]

Anatole France "Monsieur Bergeret"

"Peter Simple" by Marryat

Hauptmann's Elga


?De Amicis

D'Annunzio's "Light under the Bushel" (to SJ 3-15-05)

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